Terem Urgent Care

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Terem Urgent Care

Terem Urgent Medical Care

Terem is Israel’s leading provider of urgent medical care.  With branches across the Jerusalem and Tel Aviv region, Terem sees more than 250,000 patients annually, providing fast and professional service and reducing the pressure on hospital emergency rooms. Terem clinics are equipped with x-ray and lab diagnostics and use remote consults to quickly diagnose and treat patients.  Most visits to Terem are less than one hour. The WM Consulting Group have been working with Terem since 2007 on a range of business development and marketing projects including:

Business Development in the UK

Representing Terem in the UK, the WM Consulting Group made contact with the National Health Service, the UK Department of Health, a number of hospitals, Primary Care Trusts and doctors clinics to establish the feasibility and interest in introducing the Terem model of Urgent Care into the UK. During a period of nearly a year, we lobbied public organisations, met with private bodies, prepared marketing and informational material and encouraged the UK health service to think differently culminating in a fact finding mission to Israel headed by members of key governmental and NHS representatives.  The visitors were very impressed by what they saw and it is hoped that Terem will have an opportunity to progress in the UK soon.

Terem Web Site and UK Delegation Visit

Web Site

Terem had a website that provided basic information about its locations and services but there was no reason for a patient to seek out the site.  The WM Consulting Group were asked to rethink the website to provide more useful information to patients, doctors and potential partners and a significant redesign took place which included:

  • Placing the current wait times at all Terem clinics on the home page
  • Clear links to the locations and open hours of the clinics and access to test results on every page
  • A news feed
  • Integration of social media

The new site has been warmly received and even written up in the Press welcomed with a focus on the wait times feature. It has also resulted in a website that provides added value to visitors and gives them a reason to return.


With the addition of Urgent Gynecology services, a Heart Clinic and the opening of new branches, Terem asked the WM Consulting Group to setup a Google and Facebook advertising campaign.  Using pay per click, landing pages and the Terem Facebook page, a series of online marketing campaigns was established and is still running. We have also introduced QR codes into much of the print and poster advertising to encourage people to visit the Facebook page and company web site.

Terem Posters

Graphic Design

The WM Consulting Group has provided posters, signs, powerpoint presentations and other graphics to Terem with attention paid to the message, the audience and the integration of online and print media.

Terem Entrance Sign

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