About the WM Consulting Group

The WM Consulting Group has been operating since 2004 and has been helping companies in Israel and around the world to expand internationally.  Our clients are typically successful domestically, wish to find new markets and are looking for help in the form of strategic planning and tactical marketing.

Warren Marland

Warren MarlandBorn in the UK, raised in the USA and living in Israel, Warren has an extensive career in senior marketing and business development positions for multi-national companies. Having worked for Ford and WR Grace in Europe and on projects within the automotive and aerospace industry in East Asia, Europe and the USA, Warren has more than 25 years of experience in international commerce and marketing in a wide range of cultures and markets.In 2003, Warren established the WM Consulting Group and has since focused on providing clients in Israel and around the world with specialist marketing and business development services together with a team of professionals who complement his skills. Warren lives in a small village in central Israel on the top of a hill with one wife, four kids and 150 liters of wine which he makes each year.

Gillian Kay

Gillian KayDr Kay is a pharmacologist with a Ph.D. from St. Mary’s Medical School in London and more than 15 years of experience in academic and commercial aspects of healthcare. She works as part of the WM Consulting team offering her expertise to pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare companies.

Danny Rosenbluth

Danny RosenbluthBorn in Canada and raised in Israel, Danny has extensive experience in senior-level marketing and business development for startups and multi-national companies. Danny’s experience includes working for Alcatel in Israel on multinational projects and developing real estate projects in Israel and Eastern Europe. As a partner in a high-tech holding company, Danny managed Israeli companies and served in executive and board capacities. Danny earned a degree in Economics and Logistics from Bar Ilan University. As a volunteer, Danny serves as Chairman of the Board of a post high-school academy for Israeli youth.

Yona Kidron-Shalev

A graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Yona is a highly sought after graphic designer with a rich and varied portfolio of digital and print media projects. During a career spanning 20 years, her clients have included airlines, universities, hi-tech companies and professional service providers. In each case, she has applied her experience and expertise to create unique and distinctive logos, brochures, web sites, posters, exhibition booths, packaging, books, reports, magazines and stationery. Yona splits her time between Reut, Israel and Los Angeles but always finds time to practice yoga and walk the dog.