BGI Intelligent Barrier Solutions

BGI Intelligent Barrier Solutions - A WM Consulting Company ClientThe WM Consulting Group worked with BGI to establish a strategy and prepare a range of promotional material for an international exhibition. We created a logo and graphic theme for the company then went on to produce a brochure, a range of posters and a promotional video.

  • Business Strategy
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing Material
  • Exhibition Booth Design
  • Promotional Video Production

BGI Barriers

BGI Intelligent Barrier Solutions

BGI manufacture a range of anti-ramming barriers, bollards, gates and perimeter security for private and governmental clients around the world.  BGI decided to exhibit at the Intertraffic exhibition in Amsterdam and turned to the WM Consulting Group to help them prepare.  At the time, BGI had no clear message to international audiences and no distinct image so we started by brainstorming the business strategy then went on to establish a brand, logo and color theme for the company which then carried through to the remainder of the work.

Business Strategy

BGI are Israel’s leading security barrier company and they were looking to expand internationally. Most products are manufactured locally in Israel and many are in use by the security services and private companies as anti-ram solutions around public and private compounds.  With the increase in security awareness around the world, BGI wished to explore international opportunities and saw that their innovations in pneumatically operated barriers and anti-ram solutions had potential for a global market.

Web Site and Online Campaign

After the rebranding and following the new strategy developed with us, we created a new BGI website and associated online campaign to promote the company and generate leads. The project included PPC, landing pages, SEO, blogs, social media and even ended up with the deployment of a CRM to collect and store all the incoming leads!

Product Brochure

The challenge was to take the range of BGI products and lay them out in a brochure in such as way as to highlight the various product ranges, their advantages over competing products and their application. A key decision was to focus on the range of products available for the perimeter of a compound to show that BGI offer a complete solution and are not just manufacturers of bollards/gates. The brochure can be seen below:

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Exhibition Booth and Poster Design

We helped to design the booth for the exhibition together with a series of eye catching posters to emphasise the solutions that the company offers and its key values of Security, Reliability, Efficiency and Safety. BGI Intelligent Barrier Solutions Posters

Promotional Video

We were also asked to produce a short promotional video for the exhibition and for this, we visited a number of BGI installations across Israel to film the gates and bollards in operation.  The resulting video can be seen here: