MIP Security

MIP Security - A WM Consulting Company ClientThe WM Consulting Group developed the branding and graphic concept for MIP Security then went on to create a website and printed brochure set. We continue to be involved in all aspects of marketing for MIP.

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development

MIP Security Web Site

MIP Security

MIP Security is a leading physical security consultancy providing analysis, engineering, planning, project management and training services to security services and private companies around the world. The WM Consulting Group was invited to establish the MIP brand and create an online and print image for the company.

MIP Security LogoBranding

The branding of a security consulting company is always challenging due to the need to avoid cliches of targets, weapons, shields etc.  Similarly color schemes for security companies offer include primary colors and focus on danger or fire.  Since MIP Security focus on physical security in terms of engineering, architecture, physics as well as people, it was decided to use a geometric/architectural theme in a range of earth colors to represent the

Web Site

MIP Security Website ScreenshotMIP Security wished to establish a web presence that would serve as a reference point and showcase for their services and products.  Due to the need to maintain client confidentiality, it was not appropriate to discuss specific projects so a more general approach was taken.  The website was created to be static and includes downloadable brochures covering the training courses.

Brochures and Marketing Material

A series of brochures was created to present the company and its services.  A folder and range of inserts allows a relevant set of marketing information to be put together for each client. In addition, notepaper and a powerpoint template was designed to ensure a consistent look and feel across all marketing material.

MIP Security Marketing Material